035 – The man who might be King

Ernest Augustus, 5th son of King George was a man who never thought he would see the throne. Then things changed, and both he and his son are in direct contest to rule the United Kingdom. In this massive episode we look at Ernest and his life.

033 – Three Williams

This episode, while slightly late (blame international travel issues) is all in threes. But of the Williams involved it is William Wilberforce that spent his life fighting for people being treated as people and not chattel. Oh and he helped create the RSPCA.

029 – At His Majesty’s Pleasure

Newgate Prison has been an institution since the 13th century, so it should come as no surprise that it has been a leading light in rehabilitation of criminals. No, just kidding, the place was a living nightmare. Listen to how it treated people and I look at some of the more famous 19th century inmates