053 – Never a Gentleman

This week I take a look at something intrinsic to our perception of the Victorian Era – Steam. And more specifically the advent of the technology that created railways – an invention that changed the culture and society of the time.

George Stephenson and his son Robert created the first viable locomotive. This episode I look at their influence on society and their amazing invention.

051 – Tonight we’re having lamb

This episode I look at the Prime Minister William Lamb. 2nd Viscount Melbourne he was PM when Princess Victoria became Queen Victoria. As Prime Minister, Lamb was a great influence on the young Queen and instrumental in the formation of countries around the world, including Canada and New Zealand.

049a – The Resurrection Men (Part One)

Beginning a two part podcast, these episodes I’ll be looking at the fact that Edinburgh makes way to many smart people that make advances by not following the rules. Also, a great deal of grave robbing. With decomposed bodies and murder, it was never going to be pretty…


048 – Men at Arms

This episode I take a short look at the history of Policing in the 19th century United Kingdom. From a perceived military force, the Metropolitan Police became a civilian entity that sought to serve all the people of London and the Kingdom at large.

046 – The King of Men

This weeks episode looks at the 6th Baron Byron. George Gordan Byron was a legend in his own lifetime. With an amazing heritage he tore through British society in the most scandalous ways. A brilliant poet his life was the stuff of gossip, slander and literary respect.