054 – Josephine

In this HUGE season finale episode I look at the life of Josephine Butler. Probably one of the most amazing women of the Victorian era she spent her life dedicated to the rights of women, especially those economically disadvantaged, and in particular, prostitutes. A pioneer of feminism, Josephine fought and raised the age of consent as well as fighting against invasive police examinations of women. Along with creating hostels as safe spaces for women she also aided in women being able to obtain degrees from universities as well as keeping their finances they brought into a marriage.

053 – Never a Gentleman

This week I take a look at something intrinsic to our perception of the Victorian Era – Steam. And more specifically the advent of the technology that created railways – an invention that changed the culture and society of the time.

George Stephenson and his son Robert created the first viable locomotive. This episode I look at their influence on society and their amazing invention.

051 – Tonight we’re having lamb

This episode I look at the Prime Minister William Lamb. 2nd Viscount Melbourne he was PM when Princess Victoria became Queen Victoria. As Prime Minister, Lamb was a great influence on the young Queen and instrumental in the formation of countries around the world, including Canada and New Zealand.

049a – The Resurrection Men (Part One)

Beginning a two part podcast, these episodes I’ll be looking at the fact that Edinburgh makes way to many smart people that make advances by not following the rules. Also, a great deal of grave robbing. With decomposed bodies and murder, it was never going to be pretty…


048 – Men at Arms

This episode I take a short look at the history of Policing in the 19th century United Kingdom. From a perceived military force, the Metropolitan Police became a civilian entity that sought to serve all the people of London and the Kingdom at large.

046 – The King of Men

This weeks episode looks at the 6th Baron Byron. George Gordan Byron was a legend in his own lifetime. With an amazing heritage he tore through British society in the most scandalous ways. A brilliant poet his life was the stuff of gossip, slander and literary respect.