012 – Keep it real

Polymath John Ruskin was the leading art critic of the Victorian Era, He was also a strong advocate for environmental and architectural preservation as well as raising concerns of the human cost of Industrialization. Way ahead of his time, he is a fascinating figure of the era. This episode looks into some of his work and also his private life.



009 – Clothes Maketh The Man

This episode I take a look at a lesser examined topic of the Victorian Era. Certainly we all admire the wonderful dresses ladies wore, but what of legendary dandies such as Beau Brummel and what men wore during the 19th Century?

Episode Three – Every man will do his duty

Among the great names of 19th century history stands a man who came to define English Naval tradition: Horatio Nelson. One armed, one eyed and an interesting relationship with another mans wife… He strode tall on the world stage.